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Event feedback has led to the opening of new markets for upcoming product launches within the organisation.


Participation Rate (%)






Questions Asked

The Requirement

Bayer wanted to track the potential attitude shift of 800 external buyers during their event.

The capability to engage the delegates before the event and interact with them throughout to measure the effectiveness of their product messaging.

What We Do
Process Step1

The Solution

By using Duuzra’s interactive features before, during and after the event, Bayer were able to pressure test the impact of the content presented.

They were also able to use the data to drive product development and measure the return of investment of the event itself.

More Features
Process Step2

The Outcome

The utilisation of the Duuzra platform facilitated increased engagement not only during the event but also pre and post event. This provided a good tangible amount of data from both a prospecting and retention capacity for the organisation.

The data provided also allowed for researchers and BDM's within the organisation to help drive product development further.

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